AMOGS — Dealing with aggressive guys in clubs


We all know who they are, we’ve all had to deal with them.

That Alpha-Male-Of the-Group who tries to intimidate anyone less confident or less physically imposing than him.

Unfortunately, most new or aspiring pickup artists tend to be less confident and less experienced with women and just social interactions in general, so they tend to be a “free lunch” for the AMOG.

Well, for those of you who not only have to deal with the fear of interacting with women in bars and dance clubs, but the fear of interacting with men as well, here are a few tips I’ve learned, not only from my years of picking up women myself, but also watching similar situations countless times as a bouncer:

1. Choose a look and declare it as your own
I remember back when I developed my current trademark look — jeans and a button down shirt.

I started out like so many other guys with the typical “Dockers commercial look” where the shirt was tucked into the tan pants with the boat shoes, making sure that the sleeves were buttoned, only the top one button was unbuttoned and that both the shirt and the pants were loose enough that the form of my untrained body was well hidden.

Fast forward a few years and I learned that women like a little raw sexuality, especially when trying to get same night lays and one night stands, which prompted me to leave the sleeves open and roll them up a little, leave my shirt untucked and wear form-fitting jeans instead of loose pants and motorcycle boots instead of penny loafers or boat shoes.

Do you think that I didn’t get some shit from other guys when I started dressing like that?

Damn sure I did, but you know what? I rocked my new look and didn’t give a fuck what any guy thought about me!

These days if someone tries to talk shit about me or how I dress, my confidence puts him into his place — just another guy who has nothing better to do than try to intimidate guys because he’s not confident enough to approach women himself.

2. Fake it ’til you make it!
Listen, the perfect situation is to not just look good, but to actually feel good; to not just look confident, but to actually feel confident . . .

BUT, if you can’t FEEL good or feel confident, you can at least LOOK good and confident!

Actually, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) teaches us that its really impossible to fake how you feel because there is a direct correlation between physiology (body language, posture, breathing, etc.) and mental state (how you feel)

What that means is that, if you stand, walk and behave like you would if you were confident, you will start feeling more confident.

Moreover, if someone doesn’t know you, how will he or she “know” what kind of person you are?

By the way you act, of course!

Really, imagine you were a very nervous person who lacked confidence in every way . . .

And you were from New York City . . .

And I dressed you up in other clothes, got you a tan, got your hair styled and taught you how to stand, walk and talk with confidence . . .

And brought you to LA, where nobody knows you . . .

What do you think would happen if you were to go out like that?

How do you think the men and women you met would treat you?

Like the confident, masculine, attractive man that you behave like, of course!

Bottom line — If you act confident, you will feel confident, people will assume you are confident and they will treat you as if you were confident!

3. Get in shape!
This one’s a no-brainer.

The fact is that everyone you come into contact with in a social situation is sizing you up based on your physical build from the moment they see you, whether they know it or not.

And that’s not just the women, but the men, too!

You don’t have to be ripped like Bruce Lee or buff like Jay Cutler, either.

Just lose some flab, tone some muscle, show some of your athletic build and you won’t just make the women’s panties drop, you’ll keep the AMOGs away, too!

4. Learn to fight!
First of all, I want to make it 100% clear that I AM NOT telling you to get into fights in clubs!!

Getting into a fight can cause problems ranging from the obvious legal and financial consequences of being sued to possible health issues if you lose the fight to the simple fact that you will get kicked out of the club, which will ruin your chances with the ladies for the night.

However, I have never seen a guy be intimidated by another guy if he knew he could mop the floor with the wannabe AMOG.

Remember, you don’t have to fight, but the inner confidence that comes from knowing that you could if you had to is the best AMOG-repellant that I know of.

Imagine how it would be if some guy tried to “flex nuts” in front of you to impress the ladies and all you could think was “Dude, I can smash your nose with a headbut and you’d be unconscious before you hit the ground”

Remember, you don’t have to actually fight, but, just think for a second how you would act if you had that kind of confidence in your ability to fight.

What would you do, just confidently smile, pat him on the arm and say “Sure, whatever dude” aka treat him like a little kid?


Would that make him look like an idiot who tried to scare someone and failed?

I think so!


Anyway, that’s it for today — Put those tips into action and you soon won’t be able to remember when the last time was that some guy tried to AMOG you!

Until next time, go out there and be awesome!


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    This is the best advice for any man of any age looking to change their life around! This is a very clear,concise and extremely helpful advice I have ever come across anywhere online! This should be compulsive reading in all schools!

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