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INTRO: My "pep-talk" audio about how just having the balls to approach any woman anywhere will change your (sex-) life instantly.

This audio consists almost entirely of my personal experiences with women and approach anxiety, including my greatest successes as well as my worst failures

Most of the time the difference between having sex like in a porn film and going home to watch a porn film alone was decided by my anxieties or lack thereof.


FEAR OF THE APPROACH: This fear is what most men consider "approach anxiety" to be.

I take everything I learned as a paratrooper, amateur cage fighter and bouncer for dealing with the very real fears of injury, disfigurement and EVEN THE FEAR OF DEATH ITSELF and apply it to the fear of talking to a strange woman for the first time.


FEAR OF BEING SEEN APPROACHING: "Social anxiety" is the fear of the thoughts or reactions of other people observing your actions.

This audio will get you addicted to social anxiety and make you even more eager to approach if other people are watching because, after all:

"What good is it to get over your fear of approaching women in a vacuum-packed, sterile environment if, every time you see a woman you want to approach, you don't because you break-down when someone else is present?"


YOUR OWN PERSONAL FEARS: Every man, woman and child on the earth has his own personal "saboteur" hidden in his or her own thoughts.

I was "good" with women for a long time, but still discourages because I knew, I had what it takes to be "great," "awesome," even "awe-inspiring."

It took what seemed like forever for me to dig deep and finally discover that MY PAST EXPERIENCES WERE CAUSING AN EXTREME FEAR OF SUCCESS

If you have conquered your fear of talking to women, but still feel like you have the parking brake engaged or a parachute is slowing you down, this audio will solve this problem once and for all.

If you can't imagine what I am talking about you're either one of the very small minority of very lucky people who truly don't have any hidden fears or you simply haven't had enough experience with women for these hidden fears to rear their ugly heads. In that case, keep this audio ready, because YOU WILL NEED IT AS SOON AS YOU START SEEING RESULTS!


BONUS AUDIO: Exercises and new habits to sustain your progress.

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