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Why are women attracted to dominant men?

Perhaps the greatest reason why “nice” guys have problems meeting and attracting women is exactly that — they’re (too) nice! As much as women claim to want to meet nice guys, who respect their opinions, the fact of the matter is that heterosexual women want to date men, not boys who have no sense of…

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How to see a sucker punch coming

Perhaps the most common and dangerous street attack is the “sucker punch.” For the uninitiated, a sucker punch is a surprise attack thrown without warning from a normal body position (as opposed to a boxing or martial arts stance), usually after distracting the victim. The reason why they’re so dangerous is that the victim never…

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What’s the best night time meal for a fat to muscle transformation?

Ever since I lost over thirty pounds of fat by following the Anaerobixx program, people have been asking about what nutrition and training plans I followed to get so ripped in such a short period of time. Well, first of all, I am a big fan of meal-timing, although it has been criticized by many…

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Is masturbation killing your success with women?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the “dangers” of masturbation — Not that it endangers your life, but that it endangers your lifestyle by robbing you of your ambition. The reasons for this that already have been mentioned by others are that it can reduce your levels of testosterone, that it can…

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Self Defense Training Hells Angels Style

I always have to laugh when I see people talking about dangerous men like bikers and bar brawlers. “Don’t mess with him man, look at his leather jacket.” “Oh, he looks real mean, just look at his shaved head.” Although many of those “though guys” probably really don’t know how to fight, there is a…

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AMOGS — Dealing with aggressive guys in clubs

AMOG’s! We all know who they are, we’ve all had to deal with them. That Alpha-Male-Of the-Group who tries to intimidate anyone less confident or less physically imposing than him. Unfortunately, most new or aspiring pickup artists tend to be less confident and less experienced with women and just social interactions in general, so they…

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