The Benefits of Approaching Women — A Lot

Do you have a friend or acquaintance who seems to know everyone?

Not necessarily every specific person, but every “type” of person?

You know what I mean, you mention that you want to visit a certain country and he says, “Oh, I just met someone from there”

Or you say that you would like to change jobs and he says, “I knew a guy who did that”

Or you tell him that you love a certain kind of food and he tells you that he knew a girl who cooked that kind of food better than anyone else.

Well, let me guess something about that guy: He’s always meeting new people, isn’t he?

While you’re usually staying at home, he’s always out and, when he is out, he’s actively meeting and talking to new people.

Ok, maybe he isn’t exactly the greatest ladies man in the world, but that’s not the point, the point is that he lives a life full of interesting and exciting people.

Now, consider how this compares to approaching women

Have you noticed that I put more emphasis on the approach than almost any other pickup coach?

You may think I do that because meeting women is just “a numbers game,” which is true to an extent, but, more importantly, approaching a lot of different women is the best way for anyone to live a life of sexual diversity.

Let me put it like this, I don’t want to sound like I am bragging here, but I have had sex with women with just about every skin and hair color, from every continent except Antarctica.

I have had sex with women I met on every vacation I went on (unless I had a girl with me and, sometimes with both of them) since I learned pickup.

I have had sex with women with whom I didn’t even speak a common language.

I have had sex with strippers whom I met while they were working and others I met while they were off-work.

I have had sex with expensive escorts and call girls who command top prices and get very expensive tips and presents from their customers without paying them (I found out about what they do for work while we were laying around and talking afterwards)

I have had more one night stands than I can count.

I have had threesomes with two girls and have “helped guys tag-team their wives” (no homo!)

Like I said, I’m not saying this to brag, rather to illustrate how easy it is to live the kind of sex life that most guys think you need to be rich or a porn star to experience.

If you just go out and approach women often enough, you’ll have opportunities to have just about every kind of sex with just about every kind of woman you can think of

Do you want to meet a nymphomaniac and make her your girlfriend? GO OUT AND APPROACH WOMEN — A LOT!

Do you want to sleep with a woman who is into a certain kind of sex? GO OUT AND APPROACH WOMEN — A LOT!

Do you want to have sex with an especially beautiful woman? GO OUT AND APPROACH WOMEN — A LOT!

Do you want to go on crazy adventures like when you meet a girl, leave with her, go somewhere to have sex where people usually don’t have sex, part ways and realize that you didn’t even talk much with her, much less find out what her name is? GO OUT AND APPROACH WOMEN — A LOT!

Do you want to meet a nice girl, fall in love and get married to her?  GO OUT AND APPROACH WOMEN — A LOT!

They’re not going to climb up your wall and knock on your bedroom window. If you want them, you have to go out and meet them and, believe me, you’ll be amazed at the kinds of women you’ll meet if you just go out and approach a lot of women!


Until next time, go out there and be awesome!

PS: If anxiety, fear or worry is holding you back from approaching as often as you would like, then check out my complete training on overcomming approach-, social- and sexual-anxiety


  • nick

    Reply Reply March 1, 2017

    okay here you explain the main part of going on and getting woman. and that is just approach them and talk. go talk. meet them. my question is probably has been asked before. but im wondering because this is the hardest for me. WHAT DO YOU SAY WHEN YOU FIRST APPROACH A LADY. thats where i go blank. its boring to say hi my name is nick whats your name. i would think you need something that might make them laugh of be interested. im not sure where to go from there…

    thank you

  • Omarr

    Reply Reply September 3, 2017

    Just say “I thought you were gorgeous/beautiful and wanted to meet you.” Then you can introduce yourself, find out her name and ask her to hang out. Don’t overcomplicate things. Less is more.

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