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Low Carb Tuna Salad for Ketogenic Diets

This low carb tuna salad is a cheap, fast and easy to make meal for a high-fat, high-protein ketogenic diet like the Vince Gironda steak and eggs diet. It’s also very well suited as a post-workout meal because it is mixed so well, almost in liquid form.  This makes it very fast and easy to digest.…

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Low-Carb Bacon Burgers for The Vince Gironda Steak and Eggs Diet

The Vince Gironda steak and eggs diet is one of the most effective eating plans for building muscle and burning fat. It’s especially well-suited for beginners because the high fat content keeps you from getting hungry and having to cheat. BUT it’s usually boring and monotone.  The endless parade of beef and / or eggs…

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