How to see a sucker punch coming

Perhaps the most common and dangerous street attack is the “sucker punch.”

For the uninitiated, a sucker punch is a surprise attack thrown without warning from a normal body position (as opposed to a boxing or martial arts stance), usually after distracting the victim.

The reason why they’re so dangerous is that the victim never expects them and therefore cannot prepare himself.

Because the victim doesn’t see the sucker punch coming, it almost always lands and the person being hit has no time to block, stiffen up, roll with the punch or otherwise reduce the impact of the blow.

Although many people try to teach techniques designed to block and counter the blow, it is almost impossible to block any punch effectively, much less a punch you don’t see coming, so the best method to defend against a sucker punch is to understand the body mechanics behind it and launch a pre-emptive strike of your own, or “sucker punch the sucker puncher”.

Because most sucker punches are wide, looping hook or roundhouse punches, they are almost always thrown with the rear hand.  That means, the sucker puncher needs to prepare himself through unilateral movement, or moving one side of his body towards or away from his victim so he has more swing when he throws the blow.

That means, when a person is verbally attacking you and facing you squarely, with both shoulders and feet an even distance from you, you should be ok unless he plans to throw a head but, however, if he utilizes unilateral movement, by either stepping away from or towards you with one side of his body, that is an indicator that he is preparing to sucker punch you with his rear hand.

In this case, a pre-emptive strike, or sucker punch of your own would intercept his attack because, if you throw it while he is shifting his body, you will attack first and, if you utilize a direct attack, thrown straight to the front, it will have a shorter distance to travel to the target than the circular blows that are typical of sucker punches.

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