My Fitness Goals for the Next 12 Months

I could have waited until after Christmas to post a list of my new years resolutions, but waiting to take action is not my style so, although its not December 31st yet, I decided that now would be a great time to talk about what my training focus for the next year will be.

As some of you may know, I recently spent four months losing fat and toning muscle with a system that eventually became the Anaerobixx program.

After those four months I was 36 pounds lighter, ripped to shreds, explosive as a coiled rattlesnake and had endurance to spare.

But the best never rest, so I immediately started looking for the next level in my training and decided that it was time to increase my muscular strength and size.

Before I list my goals, I’m going to explain the guidelines that I used to plan the upcoming year’s training

PERFORMANCE, not APPEARANCE  That means, I will not change my exercises and diet to try to get a certain “look”, rather I will eat and train to support my ability to perform a certain number of sets and reps of certain exercises with ever-improving form and then see what my body looks like after I achieve those goals.

I have one goal based on body part measurements that I would like to achieve in the upcoming year, but I am basically just curious about whether I will be able to get there with a bodyweight-only program.

All bodyweight exercises  I’m not trying to convince bodybuilders that weights are bad, but these are my personal goals and I just like the feeling of freedom that I get when I master my own bodyweight to the point that I feel weightless.

Besides, anyone who is able to do all of these exercises in good form will be a strong son of a bitch in anyone’s book, whether he lifts weights or not.

All basic movements  No one-armed pushups or pullups yet.  To be honest, I don’t think that I will be able to master the basic bodyweight movements within this first year to the point that I will have as strong a base for the advanced moves as I would like.

I also think that most people, especially the big bodybuilders who say that calisthenics won’t build muscle don’t do even the basic bodyweight exercises with a full range of motion, nor do they try to create a strong mind-muscle connection.  Once again, I don’t want to insult bodybuilders or anyone who trains with weights, I just want to say that I believe that this program will build enough muscle to make it worthwhile.

If you look, you’ll see that one-armed and other advanced bodyweight exercises are on the early draft of my list of 2016 goals.

Brief workouts with no wasted time between sets  Although these workouts are intended to build size and strength and I want to put maximum effort into every rep of every set for the next year, you won’t see me sitting down between sets, reading a magazine or sending texts.

To see if I’m progressing in my training, I need to eliminate as many variables as possible, including rest time, so I’m going to keep time between sets to 30 seconds and yes, I will look at a clock or my iPhone to keep myself honest!

Quality, full-range movements instead of endless repitions  You may notice, especially with the pullups and chinups, that I have set my repition goals very low.  However, although it may seem at first that five reps of such basic exercises aren’t worthy goals and attaining them is certainly nothing to brag about, you must consider HOW I intend to perform those few repitions.

Like I said earlier, most people underestimate how much muscle size and strength you can build with a good bodyweight program because they don’t get the most out of every rep of every exercise.

First of all, I don’t consider having done a rep unless it comes from “almost” a dead hang (I stop just short of releasing muscle tension and taking a break)

I also don’t stop pulling at the top of a rep until I not only clear the bar with my chin, but bring it down to touch my collarbone.

After I am able to perform four sets of five full reps on my pulls, I will start with supersets, which will make the exercises harder and then will concentrate on pulling myself as high as possible with every rep.

I will not consider having achieved these goals unless I pull the bar to the bottom of my chest with every repition and my lifetime goal for these exercises is to go as high as “Hannibal For King”.  Check him out in YouTube and you’ll see that he pulls himself up with every repition until the bar touches his waist!!

These aren’t my only goals  Anyone who has seen my YouTube videos about goal setting knows that there are three areas of your life for which you can set goals and make plans and your physical health is only one of them.

Here are the fitness goals that I plan on achieving by October 2, 2015

Four Supersets of Five Reps:

Close-Grip L-Sit Pullups
Close-Grip L-Sit Chinups
Parallel-Grip L-Sit Pullups

Four Sets of Five Reps of Close-Grip Muscle-Ups

Four Supersets of 25 Reps:
Bar Dips
Close-Hand Pushups

Four Sets of 10 Reps of One-Leg Squats

Two Sets of 100 Reps of Bodyweight Squats

1 Minute L-Sit

And my one appearance-based goal for the next 12 months — I want to have 16-inch upper arms while maintaining a 32-inch waist (approx. one inch increase on each arm without increasing my bodyfat)

A look forward at my 2016 fitness goals

I don’t know yet, I’ll have to see how well I progress this year, but some movements that I have my eye on are:

One-Arm Pushups
One-Arm Pullups and Chinups
Full-Range Handstand Pushups
Maybe Straddle Front-Levers and Straddle Planches . . .

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Well, that’s it, I’ve put myself out there and now we’ll see if I can live up to the expectations that I have set for myself.

If you want to follow me on my journey and let me know how you are progressing towards your personal goals, then follow me on Twitter and Instagram, where I’ll be posting regular updates about my training and diet, as well as any milestones that I achieve.


Until next time, go out there and be awesome!


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