The Solutions Series

Picking up Strippers

All the inner game, outer game, logistics and tactics you need
to bed the most sexually adventurous women in the world!

In this complete audio training you'll learn:

  • Several examples of EXACTLY what to talk about to get an immediate connection
  • How to avoid being seen by her as a customer without causing problems with the staff or club manager
  • How to handle logistics and cock blockers, the hardest part of picking up strippers
  • Why strippers never have a chance to meet a cool guy and how easy it is to immediately set yourself apart from anyone else she has met
  • Several covert ways to get her contact information without anyone else noticing -- She'll appreciate your discretion and wonder at your resourcefullness
  • The EXACT message I send if someone tries to cock block me that ALWAYS gets her begging me to meet up with her for sex
  • How to live out your (and her!) stripper fantasies: Have stripper threesomes, get her to send you nude pictures of herself and film her having sex with you!!

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