How to Survive a Street Fight — The 30-Second Rule

After 30 seconds in a street fight, you've either won or you're already lying broken and bleeding on the ground

Anyone who has been in or even seen a real streetfight or mugging will tell you that real street violence rarely lasts longer than 15 seconds and never more than 30 seconds. After that, you’ve either won and are still alive or you’re already dead, unconscious or lying broken and bleeding on the ground!

To prepare people to survive this I use a concept similar to what self-help authors mean when they write that you should “live every day as if it were your last”. They want to get you to realize the significance of all the little things that you take for granted and I want you to realize the significance of the time that you are literally training yourself to waste.

I often ask my students how they would fight if they only had 20 seconds

Think about it like this — A fight starts and after 20 seconds, an alarm rings and you aren’t allowed to move at all. You just have to stand there and allow your attacker or attackers to hit you, kick you and throw you around without you doing anything about it.

Would you be able to truthfully say that you’ve already taken your attackers out in that short time, or would you be full of regrets, wishing that you had concentrated more on damaging them and not wasting time with unnecessary movement?

Would you be happy having waited for your attacker to land the first blow, instead of using a pre-emptive strike when you realized that violence was unavoidable?

Would you be happy with blocking techniques that probably didn’t work, or would you wish you had used couterstrikes, instead of blocks?

Would you be happy with the joint locks and throws that probably didn’t work, or would you wish you had gotten straight to the point by simply smashing and crushing your attacker’s vital areas?

To survive street violence, every move you make has to be for the sole purpose of destroying your attacker or attackers in the most efficient way possible. Save blocking, jabbing and taking blows for the tournament floor and concentrate on learning to “thump and dump” a would-be attacker.


Now go out there and be awesome!

PS:  It takes a very strong mind to develop the killer instinct necessary to end a street attack in under 30 seconds.

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  • steeve georges

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    your article is near reality than movie fighting.

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