The most effective MMA techniques for self defense

The most effective MMA techniques for self defense aren't MMA techniques, they're techniques that are illiegal under MMA rules . . .

I’ve talked pretty bad about the mixed martial arts (MMA) as a form of self-defense in the past, but always promised to talk about its good points someday. This time I’ll tell you what we CAN learn from modern MMA.

In the beginning, there was Vale Tudo in Brazil and Cage Fighting in Russia. The only rules were “no biting or eye gouging.” That was almost the real deal, but even then I told people that one of the best ways to get out of chokes, neck cranks and many holds on the ground had to do with the proper use of pressure against the eyes of your opponent. But still, it was “almost” the real deal, technically speaking.

Then came big business. They tried (especially in the USA) to gain acceptance from the commissioning authorities in order to be allowed to be shown on cable TV, which necessitated increasing the number of rules and “prohibited techniques.” The end result was that modern-day “No Holds Barred” fighting has barred so many holds that the sport of mixed martial arts has almost nothing to do with a real street fight, much less with the sort of battlefield combat that a soldier or LE (law enforcement) guy will have to face.

But modern NHB can help you survive a violent encounter!

There's a reason why these techniques are illiegal and, if they're so effective against these guys, imagine what they'll do to a wannabe rapist or mugger?


Simple — just do what they aren’t allowed to do. Specialize in it.

Eye gouges are against the rules? Then you know what to do when attacked!

No striking the throat or the cervical spine region of the neck (just under the back of the head)?  Now you know where to hit an opponent trying to take your life!

No kicking an opponent in the head while he’s on the ground? That’s the only time anyone will see me kicking someone in the head!

“Small joint manipulation,” aka bending and twisting the fingers is against the rules because they are small and fragile and can easily be broken, even accidentally. If you have to control someone’s arms without seriously hurting him, that’s a very good alternative to a standard armbar!

No stomping kicks to the knee joint — those techniques end fighters careers, while Muai Thai low kicks just result in bruises and cramps. Threaten my life and see which kick I use!

No headbutts, no groin strikes . . .

Learn those “dangerous, unsportsmanlike techniques” — they can and will save your life on the street!

That’s it for today, until next time, go out there and be awesome!

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  • RecepH

    Reply Reply April 13, 2015

    Now stop teaching kids these dangerous tricks..

    • Bob

      Reply Reply April 13, 2015

      Well, I guess it depends whether kids are using these dangerous tricks to steal lunch money from other students or defend themselves from fully grown adults . . .

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