Why are women attracted to dominant men?

Perhaps the greatest reason why “nice” guys have problems meeting and attracting women is exactly that — they’re (too) nice!

As much as women claim to want to meet nice guys, who respect their opinions, the fact of the matter is that heterosexual women want to date men, not boys who have no sense of identity or children who are looking for mommies, but real men, who know what they want and are capable of making decisions, making plans and following them though.

Although it has been said that the only women who want dominant men who take charge and take the lead have “daddy issues” or suffer from a lack of self esteem, it has been my personal experience that all women, from soccer moms and secretaries to doctors, lawyers and businesswomen want confident men and, the more responsibility they have during the day, the more they want to be told what to do during the night!

Why is it that the women who are the most dominant in the boardroom are also the most submissive in the bedroom?

Easy —  The reasons are twofold:

1.  Women who have to constantly make decisions during the day spend most of their time in a masculine mindset and need some time to act like and be treated like women.  For instance single mothers, who have to fulfill both the female and male parental roles.  Professional women would be another example because they have to compete against men in traditionally male segments of society their whole lives, from college to corporate america.

2.  They are just fucking tired of having to make all of the decisions all of the time!  The business woman who just created a new marketing campaign, full of tough decisions because it is a make it or break it point for her career or the single mother who has to lay out her child’s clothing every morning and make sure he brushes his teeth every night doesn’t want to have to decide where to go on a date, where to meet, what to do afterwards, or anything else.  The fact of the matter is that she wants to get out to relax and let someone else make the decisions, not to have to make even more decisions and be put under even more stress.

Not only do alpha females want dominant men to plan dates and weekend getaways, but their desire to be dominated also shows in their sexual fantasies.  They suppress their female instincts all day and that may be the reason why the professional women I have met, who are most dominant during the workday are also the most sexually submissive at night.  They have almost forgotten what it is like to be desired as women and want more than any other women to have their hair pulled, be choked, spanked, etc.

Now, of course there are times when a woman really wants to go somewhere or do something in particular and, especially if you’re in a relationship with her, you should allow her to make the decision.  I sure as hell wouldn’t have seen all of the Twilight movies if I didn’t have a girlfriend who had read all of the books and was dying to see every one of the movies as soon as they came out.  But, in general and especially in the beginning, you need to make the decisions, take the lead and, when the time comes, be the one who kisses her instead of being the one who is kissed.

That’s it for today, until next time, go out there and be awesome!


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  • Isabelle

    Reply Reply May 15, 2016

    I think you hit a bulysele there fellas!

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  • I too picked up the book long after the hype had died down. I liked Stephen Covey’s concept of the emotional bank account. And his classification of tasks into 4 combinations of ‘urgent’ and important.

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